SARF100: Novel Treatments for Freshwater Aquaculture

Start Date: 06/01/2014
End Date: 06/10/2014
Main Contractor(s): CEFAS Weymouth Laboratory
Other Sponsor(s):  


The main objective of this work is to conduct a literature review to identify products that have been or are being investigated for use in aquaculture or other sectors where there may be scope to extend their use into aquaculture.  We propose a number of approaches to assist with this process. The term treatments, products and therapeutants should be seen as interchangeable in the context of understanding of use of any compound used by the industry to mitigate an issue of concern to the aquaculture industry.

Specific Objectives:

1. Identify all current freshwater aquaculture treatments in common use in Scotland, together with the reasons for their application within the industry. This will involve a combination of telephone, email and letter queries with the industry. Distinguishing those products which are medicines authorised by the VMD and those products that are not, and reasons for that status. The current regulatory status of every product should be clarified, including any reviews of status that are underway or likely to occur in the near future

2. Review all research into novel treatments / products that might be under consideration for use in aquaculture, agriculture or related fields, noting that in some cases there may be commercial sensitivity.  This will identify methods of use, targets for intervention, and the evidence for effectiveness

3. Identify where possible how such novel treatments might be applied in aquaculture, against specific reasons for use (as identified in Objective 1)

4. Prepare a Final Report


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