SARF SP006: Availability and use of freshwater resources in Scotland

Start Date: 13/01/2014
End Date: 13/07/2014
Main Contractor(s): APEM Ltd
Other Sponsor(s): A project co-funded by Marine Scotland and the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation


Objective 1: Review of freshwater resources available for AGD treatment in Scotland using GIS and taking into account elevation, distance from shoreline and all other aspects of accessibility.


Objective 2: Preparation of an easily-accessible summary of Objective 1 outcome, i.e. accessible to users without access to GIS software.


Objective 3: A review of the financial implications of use of freshwater for AGD treatment


Objective 4: A review of regulatory implication of use of freshwater for AGD treatment


Objective 5: A review of risks associated with this technique