SARF SP001: Assessment of the viability of the different life stages of Lepeophtheirus salmonis following exposure to hydrogen peroxide

Start Date: 01/02/2014
End Date: 31/01/2015
Main Contractor(s): Marine Scotland Science
Other Sponsor(s): A project co-funded by Marine Scotland the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation


1)     Provide an overview of information on how hydrogen peroxide exerts its effects on organisms such as L. salmonis, with reference to target organs and processes.

2)     Perform laboratory studies under industry-relevant conditions, to quantify the effect of different hydrogen peroxide concentrations on:

  1. Activity of preadult and adult lice
  2. Survival of eggs and subsequent developmental success
  3. Developmental success of chalimus stages.

Consult with industry, using a workshop format, so that information from laboratory/aquarium experiments can be combined with that from farm experience in building an informed and practical foundation for the Best Practice manual.


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