SARF098: PAMP Refreshment Study

Start Date: 20/01/2014
End Date: 20/09/2014 - extended to 31/12/2014
Main Contractor(s): Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)
Other Sponsor(s):  


Objective 1.  A literature review considering the effects of sealice medicines on benthos to include both published and grey literature. 


Objective 2. A review of SEPA database to determine a sub-set of sites with relatively high sediment medicine concentrations in monitoring or audit.  Data will be examined statistically to establish any relationships between medicine use or residues and environmental factors e.g. current speed, sediment type, in order to determine whether any types of site are inherently more at risk of breaking EQS.


Objectives 3.  At case study sites, determine whether there is any evidence of effects on the benthos specifically from medicine usage that can be distinguished from impacts of organic enrichment e.g. as evidenced by particular impacts on crustaceans.


Objective 4. To make recommendations for further research that would address any knowledge gaps identified within the work.



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