SARF085: Sediment sulphide response to organic loading

Start Date: 01/03/2012
End Date: 31/08/2013
Main Contractor(s): The Scottish Association for Marine Science
Other Sponsor(s):  


1. Sulphide and field data. Propose a mechanism and examine the practicality of using sulphide response as a surrogate for ecological response as a means of regulating fish farm developments to ensure sustainability


We propose to gather new field data at several sites/stations to consider the relationships between [S] and a suite of chemical and biological parameters. This data will be used to assess the statistical robustness of this as an indicator of fish farm waste at the same time as to parameterise model(s).


2. Sulphide model. Develop and validate a model of sediment sulphide response to organic enrichment


We propose initially to further develop and parameterise the simple sulphide model (Black, et al., 2011) created under SARF 30.  Many of the parameters in this model are estimates and require to be validated at several real fish farms.  Should this simple approach fail we will develop a dynamic model or adapt appropriate existing models.


3. Sulphide module. Produce a Sediment Sulphide Module for use in conjunction with the new version of AutoDEPOMOD


We will develop an additional module for the new version of AutoDEPOMOD that will give a prediction of surface sulphide concentration as well as ITI. We hope to be offered the contract to produce the new version of AutoDEPOMOD (not known at time of writing) but would happily interface with another developer if we were unsuccessful to ensure that this objective would be met


4. Protocol development. Develop field protocols for audit and monitoring surveys.

Having tested this in the field, and in discussion with SEPA, we would propose a method for sulphide measurement in surface sediments, most likely based on the methods used in other regulatory jurisdictions.


Details to be added as the project progresses.