SARF073: Scottish Technical Standard For Fish Farm Installations 

Start Date: 01/12/2010
End Date: 31/07/2011
Main Contractor(s): Thistle Environmental Partnership
Other Sponsor(s):  


Scottish Government wishes to commission a project to make recommendations for appropriate technical standards for floating fish farm installations. The proposed project should critically review existing standards, in particular (but not exclusively) the Norwegian NS9415 - NYTEK standard, and define specifications appropriate for current and likely future industry developments in Scotland.

The project should address all technical standards for floating fish farming installations – including: design, dimensioning, construction, installation and operational requirements.

 The recommendations for the standard will contain requirements for the physical design of installations and the associated documentation. This will include calculation and design rules, as well as installation, operating and maintenance requirements.

 In addition, the standard should stipulate the parameters to be used to determine the natural conditions at a given locality and the procedure for classification of localities which, intern will determine the standards required of any given installation.


Compliance with such standards will require both a certification and an inspection regime to be established. The project should define the requirements for an appropriate regime and an operational framework which will help to inform the competent bodies charged with formalising this process.

 Knowledge gaps and additional regulatory requirements identified during the course of the project should be made explicit and recommendations made with regard to prioritising the need to address these issues.