SARF045: Assessment of evidence that fish farming impacts on tourism

Start Date: 8/02/2008
End Date: 7/02/2009
Main Contractor(s): Royal Haskoning UK
Other Sponsor(s):  


Objective 1. To undertake a desk study & consultation with key stakeholders to assess current evidence that fish farming impacts on tourism

Objective 2. To analyse this impact in Scotland using a case study approach delivered through survey using questionnaires focusing on three main groups; tourists, tourism businesses and aquaculture businesses. 4 case studies will be undertaken collating over 120 visitor responses and 80 tourism/aquaculture business operator interviews.

Objective 3. To establish the type and scale of impact in Scotland through analysis of findings and their socio-economic implications. Output will be presented in a report which will provide recommendations including future research also include the desk study review and example questionnaires.


The impact of aquaculture on tourism in Scotland is currently unknown. Clear empirical evidence is lacking and discussion to date is based on individual concerns and anecdotal evidence. This research intends to create that evidence base to inform future debate and policy development. Central to this work is a survey of tourists in areas with and without aquaculture. By asking targeted questions to visitors in an unbiased manner (while recognising and accounting for inherent biases), this work will identify firstly if there is an issue to address, the potential scale of the issue and through exploring international experiences, ways in which tourism/aquaculture interactions could be best managed.