SARF035: Determination of the fate of chemical/faecal material which is transported beyond the Allowable Zone of Effects 

Start Date: 26/02/2007          
End Date: 31/08/2007
Main Contractor(s): ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd
Other Sponsor(s):  


The objectives of the research are to:

1. develop and improve calibration of the existing hydrodynamic model;

2. establish parameterisation of sediment transport processes;

3. undertake preliminary assessment of transport pathways and distribution of wastes

4. investigate dispersion modelling.

5. identify data gaps and provide recommendations for further research


SEPA has undertaken previous investigations in this field which have led to the development of a near-field/mid-field prediction tool (AutoDEPOMOD) for the assessment of chemical and faecal contamination levels resulting from fish-farm wastes. The proposed research will provide an alternative means of validating AutoDEPOMOD predictions as well as providing a means of assessing levels of contamination in the far-field. The proposed research will focus on a defined geographical region such that a range of hydrographic conditions are accommodated within the model domain. There is currently significant uncertainty associated with the far-field fate of contaminated material thus SEPA currently operate a precautionary approach in the regulation of waste generated by fish-farms. An accurate description of the physical processes controlling dispersion of contaminants, particularly in the far-field, is required to ensure the fish-farming industry around the Scottish coastline is managed in a sustainable manner. The research will provide a site-specific model that can also be used to investigate generic issues related to fish-farm activities around the Scottish coastline. The results of the study will advance technical understanding of the far-field dispersion processes of waste from fish-farms and provide a means of validating existing research tools developed for the investigate processes in the near-field/mid-field region.