SARF030: Benthic Recovery Process

Start Date: 01/07/2007
End Date: 30/06/2010 - amended to 31/08/2011
Main Contractor(s): Scottish Association for Marine Science
Other Sponsor(s):  


1) identifying sites where large consented biomasses (i.e. 1500-2000 t) have been reared and which become fallow early in the project, for the project duration.

2) performing time-series measurements of biotic and abiotic environmental factors to better understand the functional recovery of the benthos and the important chemical factors which affect this.

3) further developing DEPOMOD to predict benthic community response to increasing time from cessation of organic input.


Although attention has been given to recovery processes in several countries, including Scotland, more recent changes in the scale of farming, locations of farming and use of medicines and antifoulants indicate a need for a focussed study on recovery processes. We will test hypotheses on community function and resilience, and relationships with sediment chemistry, by measuring time-series of benthic and sediment parameters at three sites with strongly varying dispersion characteristics over 2.5 years. We will further develop the carbon degradation modules of DEOMOD to allow it to be used to predict recovery in future.