SARF028: Development of a scheme for monitoring sentinel farms in the UK trout industry.

Start Date: 01/03/2007
End Date: 01/03/2009
Main Contractor(s): University of Stirling
Other Sponsor(s): BTA & Defra


1) Data issues and collection

2) Explore methods of data exchange and develop prototype database for data.

3) Conduct preliminary analysis on data and develop prototype analysis and reporting tools.

4) Conduct a pilot test of the system on a small number of farms. .

5) Develop a strategy for the long implementation of a data exchange, and management system.


This project intends to develop a scheme for collecting, compiling, analysing and reporting production, mortality and other data from the trout industry. The sentinel farms project would further enable industry to provide government and other interested stakeholders with indicators relating to those objectives and priority actions necessary for the strategic development of Scottish aquaculture. Whilst a considerable body of data is currently collected, access, interpretation and reporting present many interesting research challenges. The project will be directed by a steering groups consisting of representatives from a wide range of organisations working with the trout and other aquaculture industries. It will address the many challenges associated with the exchange, analysis and reporting of data across the industry, run a pilot trail of a prototype scheme and develop a plan for the long term viability of the initiative.