SARF005: Site Optimisation for Aquaculture Operations

Start Date: 10/01/2005
End Date: 09/10/2005
Main Contractor(s): Hambrey Consulting
Other Sponsor(s):  


1) To develop an informed and objective review of the current status of knowledge, best practice and regulation regarding location and siting for aquaculture operation. This review will include lessons learnt from ongoing relocation programmes.

2) To identify the environmental, economic, social and legal issues - and associated criteria - that should be taken into account when assessing and selecting locations and sites for aquaculture development.

3) Taking account of existing and evolving decision making processes, to identify the ways in which the issues and criteria identified and developed in this research can be used effectively to deliver more informed decisions by both regulators and aquaculture enterprises.

4) To make specific recommendations for targeted cost effective research to underpin a defendable framework for coastal resource allocation with respect to aquaculture.


The main objective of this research is to draw together existing information to define objective criteria for guiding the scale, location (and relocation) of aquaculture operations, as detailed in the SARF Open Call for Proposals published 17/9/04. The research will be multidisciplinary, taking into account the environmental, economic, social and legal aspects of site optimisation. The results will meet the collective needs of SARF members for guidance and information on this subject, enhance public understanding of site optimisation for aquaculture and, by recommendation, encourage approprite scientific research and development in aquaculture.