SARF110: Strategic Considerations for Locational Regulation of Shellfish Aquaculture in Scotland

Start Date: 5th January 2015
End Date: 31st December 2015
Main Contractor(s): ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd
Other Sponsor(s):  


Objective 1: Review recent shellfish aquaculture regulatory decision-making in each of the main relevant local authority areas in Scotland, and identify:

a. The key considerations that advise final decision-making

b. Other considerations that might not be deemed so important, and the reasons for this

c. The degree of national consistency of approach (including the availability and utilisation of existing   ‘guidance’ papers or documents), across all the types of consideration, major and minor

d. The actual numbers of positive and negative determinations – by authority

e. The average and maximum and minimum times to reach determinations – by authority.


Objective 2. Summarise the main issues or considerations that are difficult and/or inconsistent across Scotland.


Objective 3. Take account of how current planning considerations under the TCPA might change or be integrated with the new Marine Planning Partnerships.


Objective 4. Specifically identify the extent to which biological growth performance assessment is seen as a key decision-making issue for regulators.


Objective 5. Identify whether or not there is existing guidance for the key issues identified, and a. If appropriate, suggest improvements or modifications;

b. If no guidance exists, provide recommendations for how such guidance should be produced, who might produce it, and what it should contain (i.e. further research required).


Objective 6. Discuss the overall findings and recommendations of the research with key stakeholders, regulators and others.


Objective 7. Deliver a draft then final report.