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Our most recent projects commenced early 2018

SARFSP011 - Closed Containment Sea Pen Production for some life stages of salmonids

SARFSP012 - Bath Dispersion Model

SARF113 - Marine Licensing

Aquaculture R&D Strategy 2014

MGSA S&RWG was tasked to produce a comprehensive research strategy prioritised on respective contribution to informing the sustainable growth of the Scottish aquaculture industry and potential impacts of the 2020 sustainable production targets as detailed in the draft Scottish Marine Plan. It also identifies key strategic research requirements, which may be applicable in a broader scientific context and over longer timescales. SARF was able to contribute to this initiative, and it can be found on the Scottish Government website: here

Aquaculture R&D Database

SARF also maintains database detailing Research & Developement in Aquaculture being carried in the UK and Europe.

This is an evolving document that has been produced with the help of many organisations and individuals. It will be updated peridically.

We hope that you find the spreadsheet interesting and useful.

Please find it on our downloads page or here.

Special Projects 2013-2016
With generous additional support from Marine Scotland, match-funded by the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (4 projects) and The Crown Estate (2 projects), SARF has been able to commision several strategic research projects. These are identified by the 'SP' prefix to the project code, and details about them can be found in our full projects index.

SARF Participation at Aquaculture Events

SARF regularly participates in aquaculture events, sometimes offering assistance or presenting details about the applied research it commissions. Examples include:

 - The BBSRC / NERC Aquaculture Workshop in Edinburgh 2015
 - Aquaculture Europe 2015 in Rotterdam 
 - SeaWeb Seafood Summit - Malta 2016

  SARF also attended and/or contributed to the working of:   SARF also co-hosted and organised the Scottish Sea Lice Symposium held in Edinburgh in November.