Our Objectives

  • To promote, encourage and support scientific research and development in aquaculture and related areas. This includes research in the fields of environmental impacts, technical and biological cultivation and health and welfare science.
  • To enhance public understanding of aquaculture through the dissemination of research results in the public domain. This will include research exhibitions and on-line publications of investigations and results.
  • SARF has a range of members including representatives from the aquaculture industry, government organisations, wild fish groups and environmental NGO's. The research undertaken will be across a broad range of areas and will be required to meet the collective needs of its members.


Welcome to SARF Website

The Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture was published by the Scottish Executive in March 2003.

The paper outlined a vision of an aquaculture industry guided by the principles of sustainable development, balancing economic progress with social justice and environmental responsibility. The formation of the Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum was one of 33 priorities for action contained within the framework and was created to promote, encourage and support research and development in aquaculture.

Use this site to find further information about the Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum, member groups and resources.

SARF was formed in April 2004 as an independent company limited by guarantee with charitable status.

Our Aims

SARF aims to support, by way of delivering high quality research, the vision outlined in the Strategic Framework: "Scotland will have a sustainable, diverse, competitive and economically viable aquaculture industry, of which its people can be justifiably proud. It will deliver high quality, healthy food to consumers at home and abroad, and social and economic benefits to communities, particularly in rural and remote areas. It will operate responsibly, working within the carrying capacity of the environment, both locally and nationally and throughout its supply chain."